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Our platform ensures effortless sign-up, consistent hourly profit accumulation, round-the-clock availability of user accounts and funds, seamless handling of all transactions, and immediate withdrawals.

Our advisors connect your finances to what you want out of life and create a plan designed to make it happen, revealing possibilities while protecting you from the unexpected—today and every day after.

Our growth in becoming one of the largest alternative investment managers is aligned with this vision and is a testament to our shared values, experienced management team, and focus on performance and high-quality investor base, which includes large asset management , trading , Infrastructures, sovereign wealth funds and financial planning.

The best solutions for your business - what we do.

With our comprehensive suite of financial tools and resources, we can help you make informed decisions and take control of your financial future.

  • Asset Management

    We create customized, integrated investment solutions to meet the unique needs of insurers and pension plans.

  • Institutional Management

    When you select Secured Interest FX to manage institutional assets, you will discover why we've earned the reputation for solid performance and equally solid relationships.

  • Wealth Management

    Your financial goals are uniquely your own, so Secured Interest FX will design a wealth management strategy that's just for you.

We are a global systematic investment manager

Our trading Platform is designed to meet the demanding needs of trading investors looking for maximum performance, reliability and total data safety.

Create a diversified investment portfolio, with a variety of hundreds of financial instruments to choose from. Trade and invest in top financial instruments, including a wide selection of stocks. Enjoy near-instant execution of market orders and no daily withdrawal limits. Invest in various markets on an intuitive trading platform.

We believe in the power of disruption and the importance of decentralization to create a new system that acts in the best interest of everyone. Each member of our team brings something unique and innovative to the table, but the common thread that links us together is our passion for the equity markets, blockchain, equality, and leading the next financial revolution that changes the equation to bring power back to the people.

Choose among a wide variety of Currencies, Cash Indices, Cash Equities, major digital assets,ETFS & cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, Monero, Energies and Oil – all from a single account.

At Secured Interest FX, sustainability is a core investment conviction. As the race to net zero accelerates and action to preserve the world’s vital natural capital intensifies, we believe that investors with the skills to adapt will capture new growth opportunities and avoid emerging risks

Invest in the digital asset economy with complete trust. Invest here and be rest assured of investment portfolio security, fast and accurate payout as withdrawals and all other transactions in the Secured Interest FX Services are automatically regulated and processed respectively.

Our expertise ensures successful, easy, fast, secure, and cost-effective connectivity to the world’s largest global market. Secured Interest FX is dedicated to advancing the community. platform provides members with curated services unavailable through traditional institutions.

Our goal is to act as a catalyst for financial disruption on a global scale by offering services that will bring the next 100 million people into general financial markets system.

Our Purpose

This means supporting our colleagues, customers and clients, and the communities and environment in which they operate, for the benefit of all our stakeholders. It means helping people and businesses unlock their potential and plan for the future with confidence, building relationships that stand the test of time. And it means that we continue to be there for the long-term, whatever the climate, making decisions that are right for today and for generations to come.

To achieve this, our long-term strategic approach place exceptional service at the heart of everything we do. Each of our diverse, specialist businesses have a deep industry knowledge, so they can understand the challenges and opportunities that our customers and clients face. We support the unique needs of our customers and clients to ensure that they thrive, rather than simply survive, whatever the market conditions.

We believe in putting our customers and clients first. Our cultural attributes bring out the very best of our people, skills and strong reputation that we have built with our stakeholders over many years. A combination of expertise, service and relationships with teamwork, integrity and prudence underpins our approach and gives us the tools to thrive over the long term.

And we recognise that to help the people and businesses of Britain thrive, we also have a responsibility to help address the social, economic and environmental challenges facing our business, employees and clients, now and into the future.

Our Strategy

Our trading Platform is designed to meet the demanding needs of trading investors looking for maximum performance, reliability and total data safety.


Plan Development

By combining fundamental and technical analysis, we assess the intrinsic value and growth potential of individual securities, along with broader market trends.


Financial Analysis

Our financial analysis process begins with the collection and assessment of relevant financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.


Global Audience

By continuously evaluating the investment landscape and making adjustments as needed, we strive to optimize returns while safeguarding our clients' assets.

How does it works

Choose our platform, and experience the difference of timely profit delivery. We are here to help you achieve your financial goals efficiently, without compromising on speed or reliability.

Create Account

We have designed a streamlined process that allows you to set up your account in just a few simple steps, enabling you to unlock a world of financial opportunities.

Start Investing

We have simplified the process of starting your investment journey, allowing you to begin investing in just a few straightforward steps.

Get Profit

You can have peace of mind knowing that we prioritize the punctual distribution of profits and strive to meet your expectations consistently.

Our principles and ambitions

We approach sustainability from three perspectives: an asset owner, an asset manager, and as a company in our own right.

While our responsibilities and obligations in each of these three roles may differ, as we discuss below, our approach in all three is united by a common set of principles and ambitions, set out in the box at the bottom of the page.

We serve as an asset owner on behalf of Prudential With-Profits policyholders, and our pensions and annuity customers. This means we make decisions about how to allocate money to different asset classes and which asset manager should manage our money.

We also have the important responsibility of deciding the financial outcomes we want our asset managers to deliver for us, and the sustainability considerations we require them to apply.

For example, if we think that a certain industry does not have a sustainable future, we may require that the asset manager does not invest in that industry. Our responsibility as an asset owner is to create the best customer outcome in terms of general well-being in line with our fiduciary duty, taking into consideration financial security. We also invest as an asset manager on behalf of individual savers and asset owner clients. As at 31 December 2020, we manage over £233.4 billion for external clients and £133.8 billion on behalf of our internal client.

As an asset manager, we must aim to deliver the financial outcomes and any sustainability requirements set out in the objectives of each of our mutual funds, or in the mandates we receive from institutional clients. Sometimes there may be differences in the sustainability criteria that external clients mandate, and in turn these may differ from the requirements of our internal client. While our values of care and integrity inform all our sustainability work, the asset manager and asset owner are separately regulated businesses with independent Boards and governance processes, and their policies may diverge on occasion.